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May Jobs Report
The economy may be headed for a long-expected downturn. According to the monthly Employment Situation Summary released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 390,000 jobs added in May. The labor market is still gaining, but at a lower rate than the reported 428,000 jobs added in April. The report outlines a […]
Interview Dos and Don’ts
Whether you’re being screened by a recruiter or in a second-round interview for your dream job, here are a few do and don’ts to help you prepare and avoid a faux pas. Do come early. Whether it is an in-person or virtual meeting, you never want to keep interviewer waiting. If it is a virtual […]
April Jobs Report
The upward trend continues as April shows strong job gains. Despite inflation’s continued rise, it has not yet caught up with the labor market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the monthly Employment Situation Summary this past Friday, which revealed a mixed bag of news. In April, 428,000 jobs were added while unemployment remained at […]
The LPQ Explained
The Lateral Partner Questionnaire, LPQ for short, seems to be the most dreaded part of the hiring process for partners. No one wants to fill it out, almost every candidate pushes back on the request, and the turnaround time for completion is astonishing. It begs the simple question: Why? The LPQ is a standard part […]
6 Things to Expect as a Recent Law Grad
Finding your way after law school can be daunting. Here are 6 things to help you navigate the legal industry after graduation! You might not get the practice area you want. Some young professionals have a clear picture of what type of law they want to practice, while others struggle to find the right fit. […]
Albany recruiters: 3 ways the challenge of attracting talent is changing
Hiring new employees has never been harder, whether a company is replacing talent it lost, or trying to expand. An average of 4 million workers quit per month in 2021, according to a recent report by CBRE Group Inc., which is 18% above the monthly average from 2018 to 2019. Most of these people aren’t leaving […]
10 Tips for an A+ Resume
1. Proofread While you work through the drafting phase of your resume you should always be proofreading. Your resume is the first impression an employer gets, so make it count. It’s a great idea to have a family member or friend look over your final draft. This will give you an outside perspective and fresh […]
Case Study: The E-sign Software PandaDocs
Summary: Most employers require an applicant to fill out an application when they apply for a job. It’s a commonly accepted part of the hiring process. So, what happens when you add a third party into the mix: a recruitment firm? Who facilitates the application? Lots of times an applicant would just fill it out […]
March Jobs Report shows biggest recovery from the pandemic yet
As expected, there were 431,000 added jobs in March, the eleventh straight month of growth, according to the Jobs Report for March 2022 released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Two days before today’s report was released, ADP announced its own payroll update, showing that private payrolls grew by 455,000 this past month. Last […]
What the 1st Quarter of 2022 Could Mean for the Future of Talent Acquisition.
The first quarter of 2022 is closing and we’re starting to see long awaited changes in the job market. The talent market in 2021 was an uncontrollable, free-for-all, and recruiters and firms alike are looking toward regaining equilibrium. Firms ramped up recruitment in response to heightened demand, but as that demand levels off they’re finding […]
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