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  • Isabella made my job search very smooth. She was there step by step throughout my interview process and was very helpful. Definitely recommend Valiant Search for anyone looking for a new role.

    Debbie Harmon Avatar Debbie Harmon
  • I can't say enough! Amberstorm was not only personable, she was integral to my job search, (and now employment ) Amberstorm was with me the whole way, from START to EMPLOYMENT. Lightining responses to any questions and concerns.. She's a needle in a hay stack with her customer service. You just dont find t everyday...Thanks again Amberstorm

    Jessica Fludd Avatar Jessica Fludd
  • Isabella Kieran had reached out to me about a new job opportunity and she has been nothing short of wonderful to work with and very accommodating! She’s treated me kindly with respect and will always have your best interest at heart! She’s a rock star!

    Brendalydia Olivo Avatar Brendalydia Olivo
  • I talked with Amberstorm and she was fabulous, super nice and got me a quick interview and I got the job! I would absolutely recommend this company if you’re in search of employment!

    Bryanna Greene Avatar Bryanna Greene
  • Valiant Search was very helpful and informative!

    Jen Serbalik Avatar Jen Serbalik
  • Amberstone may have been the best recruiter I have ever spoken to. She’s kind, she’s personable, she’s smart, she is everything you could ask for! With her reccomendation I was able to get hired within days. 10/10 experience with her. Thank you Amberstone!

    Blossom Pierre Avatar Blossom Pierre
  • I would like to give a special thank you to Amberstorm Carrington of Valiant Search LLC. She went beyond the call of duty to land me the perfect job with a awesome law firm downtown Washington, DC. I couldn’t thank her not enough for allowing me to display my talent with my new company. She’s a great access to Valiant Search LLC and one again thank you Amberstorm for all that you’ve done for me.

    Leroy Archer Avatar Leroy Archer
  • Isabella Kieran and the folks at Valiant Search LLC are a must to have in your corner if you are searching for a new career or job! They are highly professional and efficient, going to great lengths to make sure I was fully prepared for interviews. They were also extremely responsive to any questions that I had and quick to give me any feedback from potential employers. I highly recommend their services!

    Adrian Lauriello Avatar Adrian Lauriello
  • Valiant Search (specifically Amberstorm) made my hiring process extremely easy and stress free. If the position you are applying for is processed through Valiant Search, rest assured you will be in good hands!

    Indecent_Composure Avatar Indecent_Composure
  • Had a great experience working with Amberstorm Carrington!! She was knowledgeable and thorough. The entire process from interviewing to hiring was smooth and efficient! Thank you Amberstorm!

    Tracy Cook Avatar Tracy Cook

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